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Math Mania Quiz

Teams of 3

Are your mathematical muscles ready for a workout? This quiz will leave you scratching your head but will certainly sharpen your mathematical skills. Whether you are a mathematics enthusiast or someone looking for an exciting challenge, this quiz is perfect for you. From basic operations to complex calculations, you'll encounter a diverse range of math questions that will put your skills to the test. Are you up for the challenge?

Rules and Regulations

  • The use of calculators is strictly not allowed. Students will be provided with stationery and sheets for working.

Round 1

  • Normal Quiz format.

  • The participants will be quizzed about mathematical theorems, mathematicians, and simple questions that can be solved within a short time.

  • Each team will be given a buzzer- whoever rings the buzzer first will get to answer. If that team doesn't answer correctly, the question will be passed on to the next group who rang the bell.

  • Each question is worth 20 points, and each time it is passed on, the point will be reduced by 5 points. [the question gets passed only twice]

Round 2

  • Math relay

  • Each member of the team will get a specified time to work on the same question.

  • The team members can choose the order of who is going first second and last.

  • Suppose the question requires a total time of 90 seconds, each team member will get 30 seconds. The first member will work on the question for 30 seconds and the next member will continue working and the third member will try to get an answer.

  • All working steps are required to be shown, else points will be deducted.

Round 3

  • Long-form questions

  • Only 1 or 2 questions per group

  • Logic based questions

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