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Teams of 3

Create a versatile software project that intertwines mathematical concepts and coding. The specifics are open-ended, allowing for exploration within the realm of mathematics. This project should serve as a playground where users can engage with mathematical ideas through coding, fostering a connection between abstract theories and practical applications.

Rules and Regulations

  • Basic knowledge of any programming language - Python, Java, C++

  • Any Python/ Java/ C++ IDE.

  • Team event

  • You will have one week’s preparation time in order to complete your project.

  • A Discord server, along with an opening ceremony/document will be made several days before the event (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

  • You will ONLY BE ALLOWED TO PRESENT when you are at the event.

Judging Criteria

  • Main Presentation - How well the project is defined, along with how successful the team is in presenting the project’s aims and objectives./10

  • Impact & Practicality - How successful is the project in creating an impact on the user and how feasible is it in a real-world setting./10

  • Code Complexity – How the team leverages new technologies to make a set of innovative and complex code. /10 

  • Relevance to the theme - How well the project captures the theme selected /10

  •  Total /40

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