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Spatial reasoning through ROOP

By Amaresh

Although a piece of paper somewhere says that I am an electrical engineer, in my heart I have always been a teacher. I started teaching maths informally to my cousins and sister’s friends since high school - so my teaching ‘career’ started quite early.

Over the years I have done a lot of tutoring and taught in a few schools, but one day I thought: Isn’t there another way to introduce problem-solving - that is outside the maths curriculum? Luckily, at that time I was teaching in an alternative school in Auroville where the administrators were broadminded enough to allow me to experiment. That’s when I started teaching the card game Bridge. 

But Bridge, like Chess, is a vast subject - so over the past 8 years I have developed games and puzzles inspired by Bridge - starting with my first app, Kida.


Since almost everyone loves playing games, in my opinion, all schools should introduce a subject - Problem Solving through Games. 

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, one does not know what kind of a world awaits school students when they graduate. But if a student has developed strong problem-solving skills, then it is reasonably safe to say that the student would be well prepared. 

About the workshop

ROOP, a recent game that I have created, requires a chess-like positional thinking to play optimally. ROOP is a turn based strategy game for two players - and currently I am working on creating a mobile app.

For this workshop we will be playing the board game version of Roop. 

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