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DraMathematics - Drama

Teams of 5

We are glad to announce that as a part of Aditi’s Math Fest, we will be hosting an improv drama competition! Although we’re not revealing the topic prior to the competition, we’ll give you a hint—Maths! So get those analytical and creative minds thinking!

On arrival, students will be given a chit with skit prompt:
Students will be given 30 minutes and a room to prepare. Pre-decided props will be placed in the room, which can be used in an innovative way to aid the script. However, usage is not mandatory. Feel free to use whatever you require!

Rules and Regulations

  • 5 people max, 3 people minimum per team 

  • Can be comedy, or dramatic, each team can add their twist to the prompt which will be given

  • Each team will have to present a short skit- 5 minutes max

  • No profanity or vulgarity 

  • Participants must stick to the topic given

  • Competing teams will not be allowed to watch other performances and must wait in the allotted room until the performance 

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity 

  • Performance and acting skills

  • Audience response


  • First Place

  • Runner Up 

  • Best Performer

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