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Float That Boat

By Inga Earle

Originally from Hawaii, Inga Earle attended the University of Pennsylvania and spent 10 years at investment banks and hedge funds in New York City. Her former employers include Lehman Brothers, the Soros Fund, and Fir Tree Partners. After moving to India, she became interested in Design Thinking and reoriented her career away from finance to education. As the head of the Mallya Aditi Tinker Lab, Inga wants her students to not only understand design as an iterative process, but be able to deploy it as a tool to generate meaningful solutions and create things that work. Her goal is to enable students to independently tackle undefined problems, and be prepared for the real world.

About the workshop

How often do we actually get to apply the Math we learn in school to solve a real-world problem? Not often enough to make the schoolwork seem important! Let’s break down these mental barriers by stepping into the shoes of a cargo ship engineer, and put our learned theory into practice. Join us for a hands-on activity taught in the Design Thinking style, where we will use the five steps (empathize, define, ideate, prototype & test) in an iterative fashion to reach a unique solution to the challenge. Participants will work in teams and use math, physics, and cardboard engineering skills to discover how to create a craft that will float on water and carry the most mass possible. Each team will strive to meet the success criteria, while identifying and working within the constraints in order to optimize their boat. Constraints can take many forms, including but not limited to time, materials available, and size restrictions. As in life, it’s a balancing act.

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