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Rhythm of Numbers

By M.R. Bhat, Shibnath Chakravorthy & Udayaraj Karpur

M.R.Bhat has a background in Electical Engineering and has been teaching Physics and Mathematics at the Pre-University level for the last twenty four years. He is especially interested in Indian Classical Music and is also an amateur performer. He has trained physics teachers and also conducted workshops in statistics for people in industry.

Shibnath Chakravorty has been teaching Mathematics and Science for the past thirty five years at the middle and high school level. He is interested in Hindustani Classical music and plays the flute. He has performed at various concerts formally and informally for many years.

Udayaraj Karpur is a versatile and internationally renowned tabla player from Bangalore who earned fame through his mastery in playing tabla to all forms of music with ease and comfort. He is one among those artists who is equally good in accompanying vocalists, instrumentalists, kathak dancers, light music, western music and solo playing.

He is a B-high graded artist in both Doordarshan and Akashavani. He is also a performing member of Indian National Orchestra directed by the eminent artist Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh. He has also performed for ICCR a cultural wing set by the Government of India.

Above all he does yeomen service to the art of playing tabla choosing teaching as his main profession and training many youngsters in that direction.

About the workshop

Music is often said to be very mathematical in its construct. This workshop seeks to establish the well-known but little spoken-about relation between music and math.

Dancing with Geometry

By Jahnavi Mohan

Teaching has been Jahnavi’s calling for the last thirty plus years. She has been in Mallya Aditi International School since 1989, a school which allows her to put into practice her beliefs about learning. She believes that teaching of Mathematics should be made visual, linking it with art and other fields and that students need to get exposure not only in academic subjects but need to develop holistically. Jahnavi has conducted workshops on teaching Mathematics. She has worked on a Math programme with the students of Aditi to help cancer afflicted children at the Kidwai Institute of Oncology. Her paper on Math and Storytelling was presented in IIT Bombay.

About the workshop

The workshop will be looking at a dance form where students will predict the geometric pattern they get. How can they change the dance to get the pattern they need? They will look at the factors that affect the dance form. It is ribbons and a pole. Guess what the dance form is?

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