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      Note:  If you are an individual student please contact your teacher and register as a school.

  1. To participate in the Math Tech Fest, Teachers must fill the online registration form with the required details. Participants must also select a first and second preference workshop while registering.

  2. Make the payment of the registration fee by clicking on the link below.
    Regular Registration: 2500 INR per school
    The registration fee includes:

    •    Snack & Lunch
    •    Access to all festival activities.
    •    Participation in math and tech competitions and challenges.                                                                               •  
     Event materials and resources 


      PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Please refer to the image below

3. After completing the payment for the registration, please email a screenshot of the completed payment to Until the registration form has been filled out and the payment has been made, the students will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Last date for Registration: December 12, 2023. 

Payment Instructions.png
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