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By Geeta Paul

Dive into the intricate world of patterns and geometry, discovering the hidden fractals in everyday objects. Get ready to move, investigate, and create your own fractals as we unravel the fascinating world of fractal geometry together.

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By Anuradha Dinesha

To rediscover the linkage between mathematical principles which help in the ideation process of design creativity in the world of Architecture. To rediscover these foundations by observing, drawing and understanding objects and spaces".

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By Vinay Nair

Embark on an intriguing journey into the realm of geometry, where we'll eschew traditional tools like rulers and compasses. Instead, discover the art of geometric exploration through the tactile methods of hands and paper folding. This lecture will unveil the secrets of creating diverse angular measures, uncovering the golden ratio, and more, all through the fascinating world of paperfolding.

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By Inga Earle

Dive into innovation with this Design Thinking and Engineering Workshop! Participants will embark on an engaging journey, applying design thinking principles to engineer and construct a functional cardboard raft.

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By Amaresh

Explore the skill of Spatial Reasoning and
positional-thinking with a game of ROOP, a chess-like activity that involves logic and problem-solving.


By Shashidar Jagadeeshan

Elevate your problem-solving prowess at our workshop on Puzzles. Use intuition as well as theory to involve yourself in interactive challenges.

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By Yashas Shetty

Dive into the world of sound engineering by blending fancy electronics with the art of musical composition for a unique and immersive experience.

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Rhythm of Numbers

By Ram Bhat, Shibnath Chakravorthy, Udayaraj Karpur

Delve into the intricate patterns, rhythms, and symmetries that underlie musical compositions, unraveling the mathematical beauty of sound.

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Dancing with Geometry

By Jahnavi Mohan

Embark on a journey at our workshop exploring the fusion of dance and geometry. Uncover the patterns inherent in dance movements, as participants delve into the elegance that shapes the art of motion.

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